For the Guys…

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Many couples experiencing an unplanned pregnancy are overwhelmed, wondering how they will cope with it. How will this affect their future? Using our resources, out staff will assist your navigation through your concerns, specifically addressing your needs as a man and prospective father. We’ll provide practical assistance in understanding:

  • Pregnancy options-abortion, adoption and parenting. Researching/comprehending your options and making an informed decision as a team.
  •  Avoid putting pressure on your wife/girlfriend to have an abortion. Applying pressure will push her away from you. Work through the situation together.
  • Father’s rights and responsibilities
  • How to support your baby’s mother, explaining you’ll be there and available throughout the pregnancy and beyond, listening to what she’s sharing with you, helping her feel safe and emotionally supported.
  • How to become an effective father
  • Continuing your education
  • Talk about the pregnancy with those who love and care for you. Hiding the news will only increase the stress.

Making this decision is important and will affect you for the rest of your life. Take time to be informed.

Our staff will assist you in gaining knowledge and provide resources, including access to community services, all free of charge.